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PARGAHA MlT.                                                    395
interments, The saint's UTS or mela is held on the 14th of Ramazan, and his
tomb is visted by some of the people of the neighbourhood every Thursday
evening. There was an endowment of BOO bighas of land and a yearly pension
of Rs. 100, but the latter ceased on the death of Makhdiim Bakhsh, the repre-
sentative of the original grantee, and the land was settled at half jama (Rs. 80)
in 1837. In the bazar are a small mosque and two temples built by the
Mahrattas. The proximity of the jhil renders the town feverish and unhealthy,
and the establishment of a branch dispensary would be a great boon to the
SuRtH—population 5,199—byt its position the natural centre of the pargana,
is a small town on the high road half-way between Mat and Nt>h-jhil. It is about
a mile from the left bank of the Jatniina, where is a ferry to Bahta on the opposite
side. It is said to have been called at one time Sugriv-kliera, • after the name of
one of the different founders; this appellation is now quite obsolete, but it explains
the origin of the word Surir, which is thus seen to be a contraction for
Sugriv-ra. The oldest occupants were Kalars (the local name, as it would
seem, for any aboriginal tribe), who were expelled by Dhakaras, and these again
by Raja Jitpal, a Jaes Thakur. His posterity still constitute a large part- of
the population, but have been gradually supplanted in much of iihe proprietary
estate by Baniyas and Bair&gis. The township, (jama Us. 9,619) is divided
into two thoksj called Bija and Kalan; and there are 11 subordinate hamlets.
Three small temples are dedicated respectively to Mahadeva, Lakshmi Narayan,
and Baladeva. There is a police station, a primary school, and a weekly market
held on Monday. At ihe time of the mutiny, Lachliman, the Imnberd&r, with
11 others, was arrested on the charge of being concerned in the disturbances
that took place at the neighbouring village of Bhadanw&ra, in which the zamin-
d&r, Kunvar Dildar Ali Khan, was murdered, his wife violated, and a large
mansion tibat he was then braiding totally destroyed. He was considerably in
the debt of his banker, Nand Ram of Raya, who, when the estate was put up
to auction, bought it in, and has been succeeded as proprietor by his nephew
Janaki Prasai